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This fun picture book provides simple meditative breathing exercises for children and everyone to use at home, school or anywhere. It encourages the use of Māori stories (pūrākau) aligned to Te ao Māori principles to engage and connect with children to help them calm their breath while experiencing different feelings/emotions throughout the day. Your breath is a taonga (treasured gift and tool) that you can use anytime to calm you. Breathing is easy to do and can help relax your mind, body and spirit. You can be on your way to a happy day. This is a great addition to your morning, afternoon or evening meditative quiet time routine. Easy to incorporate with Zones of Regulation, Alert Program, Social Thinking, and other social-emotional curriculums. Features includes: Cultural Indigenous learning, well-being resource, New Zealand Sign Language. There’s a full Glossary and lots of extra activities for young learners too.