Kaitiaki te wao nui o Tane Mahuta: Guardians of the Children of Tane Mahuta

This engaging book is about young learners and their efforts to protect and look after the forest/bush in New Zealand. It’s a beautiful story that amplifies Native voices and gives non-Native folks a view of the modern-day lives of children that show respect for the cultural traditions of the native people of the land, the Māori.

A great example of young learners embracing knowledge of their local environment and history and demonstrating how they can become guardians of their environment.

The book has a heartwarming lesson about recycling and conservation that will stay with the reader for a lifetime.

Join these young learners as they take you on a journey to learn about what the forest means to the native Māori traditions and how they look after the children of Tanē Mahuta, the God of the forest.