Kaitiaki of the Whenua: We Can Change the World

An inspirational book on how young learners can help make a difference to the environment as guardians (kaitiaki) of the land. (whenua)

The book tells the story of a class of young learners working together with their families and the local community to protect the sand dunes on the beach near their school.

Kaitiaki of the Whenua has a heartwarming lesson about teamwork, conservation and perseverance that will stay with the reader for a lifetime. With beautiful and charming picture illustrations, this is a book adults will love reading over and over again with their children.

The book contains captivating real pictures and illustrations filled with fun action words and Māori proverbs. The backmatter includes a glossary of Māori terms used.

You won’t want to miss inspiring your precious little one with this inspiring tale based on real-life efforts!