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    Drums of the Pacific Videos Package

    From $56.35


    The Drums of the Pacific Mat is a fantastic educational tool for introducing Pacific beats and rhythms in any setting at home, in the classroom or play space. The mat carpet is a great medium in helping children to generate discussions about recognising Pacific slit drum instruments. You can use the mat to play ‘spin the waka’. The mat is accompanied by interactive learning videos and suggested lesson plans (all available on the website) and ideas to enhance a cultural learning experience. Excellent for mat time/circle time to transition pre-schoolers into the learning day and parent interaction with children. The mat will encourage play that promotes creativity, imagination, perseverance and the development of language and social skills. The artwork is original designed by Pasifika artists. The mat measures 115 (W)cm x 200 (H) cm and features a nylon surface and a non-slip rubber backing.

    The mat can be folded and the thick material is suitable for both inside and outside use. Great also for display purposes. Buy the mat and get access to all 6 Drums of the Pacific Videos and Lesson Plan!

    SAMOA Drumming

    Drums of the Pacific Mat Musical Play Videos

    The Drums of the Pacific musical play videos are interactive, fun and will encourage children to play independently and explore the natural sounds of their outside world. Get everyone moving and grooving with these action songs and chants from the learning mat. The videos can be a resource for group music sessions in a relaxed, improvisational, and harmonious setting. They can help develop movement, communication, social interactions and understanding. It could help with underpinning a child’s first social group engagement, a child’s first understanding of their own space in relation to others, as well as many other special moments. Great for group mat time sessions. Video songs include Tahitian, Fijian, Samoan, Tongan, Cook Islands and Hawaiian drum beats.


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